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Traditional Services
Traditional services are the heart and soul of CROSS. This is our past, our present, and our future. From time to time we may have other programs based on need and resources but the traditional services are what CROSS is all about. It works like this . . . A homeowner contacts CROSS at 252.482.3269 ext.205 to discuss their qualifications. The homeowner completes an application (Application) and submits the application with the required documentation.
CROSS.LTD has 4 basic requirements.
  1. Applicant must own and occupy the home in need of repairs.
  2. Home must be located in our service area.
  3. Total household income must fall at or below 50% of their county's median income. (Once income verification is submitted, CROSS staff will compare against HUD data)
  4. Repairs requested must address threats to safety or health.
Please note that meeting these basic requirements does not guarantee the request will be granted. Our personnel will determine if the rebuild falls within the scope of CROSS's mission and capabilities.

Due to limited resources, we cannot help everyone who is eligible.

Once the homeowner and rebuild are approved, the rebuild will be scheduled based on priority and availability of resources. Almost all other work will be completed by volunteers from our community or beyond. Licensed professionals will be contracted according to building codes.