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If your group and you would like to :
  • Make a powerful and lasting impact on the lives of others
  • Help solve housing problems in our community
  • Participate in meaningful teamwork
  • Then partner with us and...
Serve on a Mission Team
CROSS knows our volunteers are busy but we do require a minimal amount of paperwork and orientation. This is to better connect you with our mission, to make your service experience as meaningful as possible, and to prevent accidents.
Volunteer Forms:
Volunteer Resources: Safety and Construction
Volunteer Accommodations (at a minimum)
  1. You will stay in a climate-controlled facility.
  2. Teams have access to a kitchen and dinning room facilities.
  3. There are showers and hot water.
  4. CROSS provides cots and team members are welcome to bring air mattresses.
  5. We strive to provide as much privacy as possible for sleeping quarters, using multiple smaller rooms vs. one large gathering hall.
If more information is needed please call 252-482-3269 or email: or